Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management renews focus on professional development

photo by Cary Edmondson

The Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management recently renewed its membership with NASPA and the American College Personnel Association, two of the nation’s leading professional development organizations in student personnel management. Both organizations foster professional development, teamwork and collaboration through inclusive and equitable practices that center social and racial justice, decolonization and student success. 

Additionally, Fresno State is hosting the inaugural Higher Education and Student Affairs in the Central Valley Conference on March 24 at the Resnick Student Union. 

Fresno State educates a majority of college students in the region. The goal of the Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management is to support those students by providing excellence in student success services and financial assistance while also increasing enrollment and retention. 

Professional development is key to supporting Division staff and creating the best environment for student success.

Here are the main ways in which professional development for staff members impacts student success:

Enhance skills and knowledge
Ongoing professional development is critical for building upon existing skills while also gaining knowledge. Focusing on a growth mindset by finding ways to improve is essential to development. Keeping up with the best practices and trends allows staff members to be much more effective, and it helps students reach their full potential in the classroom and workplace.

Creates an ideal learning environment
An added benefit of partnering with different organizations offering professional development is that it helps to build a much better learning environment for students. Staff members can gain new insights on how to be more effective leaders, teachers and mentors, making them better able to support students and increase retention. 

Results in better student performance
Looking at ways to improve student performance and develop the best higher education experience is always a priority. Focusing on professional development makes it possible for staff members to provide students with the tools and resources they need to succeed today and in the future. Keeping up with the latest tech trends and teaching methods empowers staff members, and it results in much better student performance.

Investing in professional development makes a big impact on University staff members and students. Partnering with the top organizations in the country allows Fresno State to develop the best experience for building new skills to create an ideal learning environment. Continuing to find ways to improve while setting up students for future success will always be a top priority at Fresno State.

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